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Elizabeth Keeney

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Head Coach Position
Columbia University Sailing Team
The Columbia University Sailing Team has been active since its founding in the early 1940s. Over the past 70 years, the team has undergone many transformations, but the dedication and passion of its members have remained constant. CUST has access to a fleet of 12 FJs in excellent condition and a Boston Whaler coach boat. The team is composed of over 30 devoted and resourceful students from around the world. Each member of the team is extremely driven and dedicated to the welfare of the team and their development as sailors. CUST continually strives to achieve the highest performance possible, and each season we seek to qualify and succeed at ICSA championships for coed and women’s events.
Job Opening
Becoming Head Coach of the Columbia University Sailing Team is an excellent coaching opportunity for any college sailing coach or experienced sailor.
The Head Coach will be in charge of:
- Preparing and running practices four days per week
- Running chalk talks on tactics and strategies
- Setting team and individual goals
- Providing coaching at important regattas
The team officers will run the administrative side of the team including organizing workouts, logistics, and travel to regattas, allowing the coach to focus on coaching rather than administrative work.
The Columbia University Sailing Team is searching for a talented coach with enthusiasm, strong communication skills, committed work ethic, and extensive dinghy sailing experience. We seek an individual who has the ambition and energy to continue growing the team and pushing it to new levels of success. Extensive college sailing experience is preferred. Above all, we are seeking someone who is invested in the team’s continued and growing success.
The Head Coach will report to both the Columbia University Director of Club Sports, Brian Jines and the captain of the sailing team. The position will be offered on an annual contract beginning with the 2017-2018 college sailing seasons. Salary will be appropriate.
To apply, please send a cover letter and sailing resume to Elizabeth Keeney at efk2119@barnard.edu.