Coral Reef Yacht Club
2484 S..Bayshore Dr. Coconut Grove
FL, FL 33133
United States

Marina/Boatyard Employment
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Full Time
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Job Description
 To provide an excellent level of courteous service to all members and their guests as well as to all visiting yachtsman.
 To maintain a marine environment that is second to none within the Florida Council of Yachts and the greater Coral Reef marine market.
 To work closely with club management to assure that all marine facilities are well equipped to meet the current standards of safety.
Job Requirements
 Dockmaster must be familiar with all Club rules pertaining to marina requirements.
 Knowledgeable about VHF radio transmissions and etiquette. At all times, maintain a professional demeanor when using the VHF radio.
 Check each vessel moored at the club to determine if any obvious problems may exist or if any unauthorized persons are present. Inform the General Manager immediately of any irregularities.
 Examine the dock infrastructure early each day and report any damage or items for repair. Pay special attention to those items that may be a safety hazard. Ask the maintenance department to assist with corrective action. Dock hands should assist where possible. If the item is beyond the scope of capability of our in-house personnel, then call the appropriate approved sub-contractor, as soon as possible, to correct. Time is of the essence to assure safety.

 Conduct daily slip audit and document boats out of their assigned slips.
 Check out any boats that have departed by completing the short-term dockage agreement.
 Check the reservation book for the activity for the coming day. Log the reservations for the day and do slip assignments.
 When making a reservation, enter the following information; name, yacht club and member number, boat name, size, type and any special requirements.
 Check all visitors to the dock to insure they have a need to be there. Service people should identify themselves.
 Maintain access to the spare keys for members boats (kept in key boxes) and issue them carefully with a specific reason for their need.
 Maintain the docks and the docks around them in a neat and orderly fashion. Empty trash receptacles as necessary, at least twice a day.
 Graciously welcoming visiting yachtsman, assist them to tie up, make the tower end connection for shore power and cable, deliver ice, deliver daily newspaper and provide visitors package (information about Club hours, shower locations, after hour access, local attractions, and service, etc.) Invite them to come back and assist with power cords and lines when they leave.
 Maintain the docks, finger piers, emergency ladders and fish cleaning station - keep free of trash and wash down as necessary.
 Provide billing information to Accounting for slip rental, electricity usage, transient dockage, etc.
 Maintain wait and transfer list.
 Maintain records, assuring current slip agreements, insurance and registration compliance.
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VanBuren Jim

United States

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