Siebel Program Coach

Bristol, RI 02809
United States

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Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
Employment Type
Full Time
Work Schedule
Heavy Travel

Job Description
US Sailing is seeking experienced coaches for the Siebel Sailors Program, US Sailing's newest youth sailing program. Each Siebel Sailors Program Coach will implement the training and development of Siebel Sailors within their assigned region. The right candidate for this position will be a catalyst for change that promotes ideals such as skill development for all sailors, diversity and inclusion, professional growth for coaches, and a greater understanding of the sport for parents. They will facilitate training sessions and clinics for youth and serve as a resource for other coaches.

The Siebel Sailors Program seeks to increase opportunity and diversity in the sport of sailing. By providing resources and support to youth sailors from all backgrounds we will develop skilled and life-long sailors who can participate in all aspects of the sport by creating access to equipment, athlete development resources, and expert coaching for underserved populations.

Based out of a Siebel Center, this individual will utilize US Sailing’s Sailor Skill System and Skill Up App, to help “connect the dots” to higher levels of sailing. They will facilitate training sessions and clinics for youth and serve as a resource for other area coaches.

US Sailing seeks to fill coaching positions in three separate location: San Francisco, Chicago and the Mid-Atlantic region.
Job Requirements
• Develop, and manage, a multi-site practice schedule utilizing the Siebel Network Programs. Coordinate the planning and execution of events such as practices, training camps, clinics, and other competitive development events. This includes running several youth racing clinics annually.
• Oversee the logistical management of four separate fleets of sailboats. Bringing the fleets together, when needed, for larger events.
• Identify ways to assist programs in increasing diversity (gender, racial and socioeconomic) and increase retention.
• Assist Network Programs in aligning their existing curriculum to the US Sailing’s Sailor Skill System.
• Train Program staff and sailors to utilize the Skill Up App and track sailors progress.
• Assist the Program Manager with implementing a Performance Quality Assessment (PQA) program. This includes pre and post testing for students. Present outcomes at the annual National Coaching Symposium.
• Participate in continuing education programming provided by, or through, US Sailing. This includes participating in US Sailing Select Camp and the USOC National Teach Coach Leadership Education program (if accepted via application).
• Build, facilitate and maintain relationships with Local Sailing Organizations (LSOs). Primary focus will be on the sailors directly involved with the Siebel Program with a secondary focus being to support the general needs of Siebel Network Programs, specifically the one that you will be based from.
• Serve as a communications conduit between US Sailing and regional sailing community. Direct news and content from region to US Sailing’s Communications Manager and news from US Sailing to region.
• Provide excellent customer service skills, written and verbal communication skills and strong organizational skills with precise attention to detail are required.
• Communicate to stakeholders about US Sailing’s products, services and operations. Promote US Sailing to LSOs, building a national presence and market for US Sailing.
• Become the "Go-To Person" for all things Youth-related in your area.
• Provide training to other coaches, and work with program managers to ensure alignment with US Sailing’s curriculum. Assist with continuing education opportunities for other coaches. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing resources, direct mentorship, observation and recommendations to US Sailing about appointments for formalized continuing education opportunities for other coaches.
• Provide clear, timely, and comprehensive communication with participants and supporters.
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