International 420 (i420), trailer, and sails for sale Princeton, NJ - built 2015, hull 55874

Princeton, NJ 08540
United States

$6,000.00 USD
4.20 Meters
Year Built
Quantity Available

International 420 for sale. Location: Princeton, New Jersey. Our spring 2015 i420 (Nautivela, 55874) is in very good condition. Used for the 2015 summer and winter seasons, and for the 2016 summer, fall, and winter seasons (stored inside at all other times), the hull has a few minor gel-coat scratches and patched dings, but no fiberglass damage. Structurally, the hull and rigging are in very good condition, and they are waiting for you to take them to the next level. We bought this boat from Nautivela, so you will be the second owner. All purchase and insurance documents available for reference. Do you want to be the next big name on the i420 circuit? Have any questions? Want more photos? If so, please contact us at Limited delivery range available. Thank you!
Asking price: $6000 
For sale complete with:
  • standard Nautivela dolly
  • mast, complete with all wires, lines, and some reference marks
  • Super Spars boom with abrasion pads and outhaul
  • 2 Sledén spinnaker poles, 1 used, 1 unused
  • mast cover with openings for spreaders and trapeze wires
  • 1 vang with reference marks and Holt blocks 
  • 24ft bowline
  • 2 trapeze wires with "doughnuts" and spectra height adjustors
  • 1 tapered spinnaker sheet with spectra core
  • 2 tapered jib sheets with spectra cores
  • 1 main sheet
  • 1 spectra adjustable tack-tie with plastic ball for easy use
  • 1 rudder with no chips or scratches
  • 1 tiller - allen performance hardware
  • 1 tiller extension - allen performance hardware
  • 2 adjustable spreaders with reference marks
  • 4 chain-plates
  • 4 wind indicators
  • top cover with mast hole
  • bottom/traveling cover
  • 1 race jib, very good condition, used 1 regatta (Olympic Sails)
  • 1 race main sail, very good condition, #55874 (Olympic Sails)
  • 1 set Zaoli sails used 1 regatta, very good condition, not numbered
  • 1 set practice sails #5516 (Olympic Sails)
  • 1 blue race spinnaker, very good condition, minor sail-tape patches, not numbered
  • 1 blue practice spinnaker, good condition, #55874

  • 1 single-boat trailer
  • 1 spare tire for trailer
  • 2 trailer tie-down straps with ratchets from Sturgis Boatworks
  • 2 nylon trailer tie-down lines

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Navigation / Electronics / System

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