24 Fireflies. All Boats are spoken for as of September 16. Check back after 10/1.

MIT Sailing Pavilion
137 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States

12.00 SF
4.60 SF
4.20 SF
Year Built
Whitecap Composites of Peabody, MA
Quantity Available
Category  Sailboat Fleets

These extremely well maintained and perfectly matched Fireflies were built in 2010 and delivered in 2011. They are cored with closed cell foam and vinylester infused resin was employed with a vacuum bag in the building process. These boats have been far more durable than any other race fleet at MIT in our 85 years of existence.
Boats were built robustly and have a slightly modified rigging systems from conventional Fireflies. The luff of the mainsail was shortened, foot of the mainsail lengthened and vang is a gnav to provide ample space for the crew. A rudder blade drops in vertically into a cassette for easy usage. 
The Firefly has been extremely versatile for competitions in both fleet racing and team racing because of the boats' close tacking angles, ease of acceleration and responsiveness in both breeze and light conditions. Unlike other collegiate dinghies, the Firefly is not nearly as weight sensitive because of its very round hull characteristics. Heavier teams are not at a disadvantage in very light conditions compared to FJs and 420s. Light sailors can sail with finesse and remain very competitive in the strongest wind conditions imaginable as its tapered masts afford easy flattening of the mainsail with gnav tension.
No other boat has given us fantastic flexibility for the unintiated rec sailor to sail solo with just mainsail, either reefed or not, as well as sailing sloop-rigged with full sails of main and jib or with a reefed mainsail and jib. Sails were made by North Sails and are 3 years old with no usage last year at all.
MIT is anxious to sell these boats for removal immediately. We would prefer to sell them as groups to continue to foster community sailing. The hulls are colored (and are still very bright and colorful) as well as the sails.Every boat is not only functional but they have all been exceptionally well maintained, too.
Color groups are as follows:
1-3 Red
4-6 Blue
7-9 Gray
10-12 Yellow
13-15 Green
16-18 Pink
19-21 Black
22-24 Orange 
 Please contact MIT Sailing Master, Franny Charles by email if you might be interested in purchasing the fleet or large parts of it. The has been reduced to $1000/ boat for groups of 12 or more boats. As is, where is. The buyers will have to organize their own work parties to carry them out of the MIT Sailing Pavilion when the time comes.
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