The Sixth Generation of Tech Dinghies is For Sale


30 Perfectly matched Tech Dinghies, 2012-2013

MIT Sailing Pavilion
137 Memorial Drive Mail to: 3 Ames St
Cambridge, MA, MA 02142
United States

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Year Built
Rock 'n Roll. Load it and explode it.
Whitecap Composites, Peabody, MA
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Category  Sailboats < 25'


The Sixth Generation of Tech Dinghies is For Sale

The tech dinghy was originally designed by Professor George Owen in 1935 and a fleet of 40 boats were built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company for the inaugural season of college sailing in 1936. The current fleet of 30 boats was delivered in 2012 after being manufactured by Whitecap Composites in Peabody, MA. These boats were the first fleet of boats to return the tech dinghy back to their designed fully rigged weight of 165 lbs. Modern construction techniques of infused vinylester resin, vacuum bagging a sandwich of carbon, core and fiberglass has produced a safe, fun dinghy which has taught more than 2300 students per year how to sail at MIT. The integral bow fender works superbly well and the boats have always been treated with continuous care during their lives.

The matched North Sails are approximately 3 seasons old and include two reef points. An envelope which zippers onto the foot of the sail keeps the extra sail above the sailors’ heads when using the second reef. The boats are extremely easy to rig, reef, and unrig. They are light, lively and 20 boats have removable hiking straps for racing. The bottoms and blades are in near perfect condition as the new MIT floating dock is extremely user and equipment friendly. Rudders get inserted through a cassette and are interchangeable between hulls. Unlike the heavier fiberglass versions of tech dinghies, these boats reward proper sail trim and balance. Smaller and lighter frame sailors get to the windward mark in strong breeze along with the retired Finn sailors. Sculling is discouraged with a short chord length rudder.

Our new boats are due to be on location before April 1, 2020. Fifteen boats are available immediately with the remaining fifteen boats available after 20 new boats have arrived. (Hopefully before April 1.) Suggested uses are for community learn-to-sail programs combined with a very economical frostbite fleet or after work pick-up race fleet. These boats need nothing but a carry out of the lobby at MIT. They have been cleaned, buffed and checked over individually.

Pricing will be $3000 per complete boat or $2500 per complete boat if six or more are bought as a group.

Contact Sailing Master Franny Charles by email or cell if interested in jump starting a program at an incredible price.

Thanks and feel free to review our gallery for pics or our webcams for live shots of the boats on our dock in Cambridge.

Franny Charles

Mobile 857-221-0828

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