Byte CII Sailboat

Marathon, FL
United States

12.00 SF
4.30 SF
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Category  Sailboats < 25'

2011 Byte CII complete with Dolly, Top Cover, Bottom Hull Cover, Blade Bag, Spar Bag, Sail Bag. Ready to sail. Garage Kept and only used 8-10 times
The Byte CII is a fast and fun singlehanded one-design dinghy.
  • The CII’s carbon (II) two piece mast and fully battened mylar sail offer more power adjustment than found on similar boats.
  • This allows sailors with a wider weight range (100-165 lbs) to sail in a broader range of conditions.
  • The controls for vang, outhaul, and cunningham, are all led to either side of the boat’s deck with multi-purchase ball bearing block systems for easy fine tuning.
  • The modern rig makes the Byte CII an easy transition from the Opti, and a great platform to gain more practical skills to help you transition to bigger boats like the Club 420 and the 29er.
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