Chubasco fiberglass Snipe

Galesburg, MI 49053
United States

Year Built


1970s era Chubasco fiberglass Snipe available near Kalamazoo, MI. Originally had a mahogany deck which was replaced with fiberglass deck (and had the centerboard trunk cut down) by Mike McLaughlin circa 1980. Does not have cut-out transom / self-bailout capacity. Would require airbags under deck and transom cut-outs. No history of water absorption into foam core, and has been kept in storage and minimally sailed for the last 20 years. Mast is Bryant (more flexible - see McLaughlin info on buying used boats on site).

Was owned by Ray Croasdale and actively raced on Gull Lake, MI, and regional / national regattas in 1970s - 1980s, sail # 17511. Boat was fast and competitive in its day.

Trailer is original. In 2020 the axle, wheels and wiring for lights were all replaced, Only 25 miles on it since.

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