LASER with FOILSZ foiling system installed

310 Magothy Rd
Severna Park, MD 21146
United States

Year Built

This is a working FOILSZ system, installed on an admittedly old Laser. The hull doesn't matter so much... as it's not in the water :) 
One really nice thing about the foilsz system is that if it's either not windy enough, or you just feel like it, the boat can be sailed just like a normal laser in displacement mode. 
This comes with a radial rig and a dolly. This is a unique opportunity to get the kit, complete and landed here in the USA, along with a boat that can be a dedicated foiling Laser. This laser would not be something you'd want to race competitively.

The FOILSZ design brief could not have been simpler. We wanted to design a high-performance foiling solution for a mass produced boat so that more people could enjoy the thrill of sail foiling.

The essential design elements were -

  • simple fitting to a standard Laser with no modifications to the boat or rig
  • high performance foiling in all sailable weather conditions
  • the ability to launch in shallow water from a standard Laser beach trolley
  • foils that can be fully raised or lowered from within the boat
  • an inexpensive foiling solution for all sailors
  • precision engineering and high quality components

The foiling kit had to be ready to go "straight out of the box" so that users can go foiling as soon as the kit is fitted. Everything is just right, from the foils that are designed at exactly the right angle, to the sophisticated wand system.

The design brief was also to make a kit of great quality that would give owners many years of pleasure. It had to dependable and as a result great care has been taken over the tooling, material selection and method of construction of the various FOILSZ components.

Not only will your FOILSZ kit provide hours of foiling enjoyment, the quality design and components will make sure you enjoy it for years to come.


The kit includes -

  • top and bottom centreboard case inserts
    • fixed using top to bottom bolts through case - fit in 5 minutes, no holes!
  • front (centerboard) foil
    • includes hydrofoil with articulated flap.
  • rear (rudder) foil
    • including hydrofoil
  • rudder box
    • with integrated tiller and twist grip extension.
    • rudder pin
  • auto ride height adjustment wand with hull clamp for easy fitting
    • includes cable to connect to front foil.
  • top rudder gudgeon spacer
  • guaranteed fun!

Some of the FOILSZ kit parts are interchangeable with a WASZP. These are the parts maked in bold. If you already have a WASZP, you can use the parts marked in bold. There is an option in the store just to buy the extra bits needed for the Laser.

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