Vanguard Club 420

Ocean Springs, MS 39564
United States

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1990 Vanguard Club 420.

This boat was completely rebuilt in January 2018. Every piece of hardware was removed and replaced if it wasn’t serviceable. Every line was replaced with high performance line. All fasteners replaced with stainless as needed. The entire boat was gone through. This is a privately owned boat.

The following work has been completed:

  • Topside hull sanded, primed, and painted sea foam green.
  • New Ronstan plugs in transom, tanks, centerboard trunk
  • Bottom hull refaired and waxed
  • Non-skid applied on factory non-skid surfaces
  • Repaired, refaired, and waxed centerboard
  • Refaired and waxed rudder
  • Rudderhead has new spacers and a new shim
  • New mast top sheaves
  • New mast shrouds
  • New Ronstan shroud adjusters with new allen reaching hooks.
  • New spinnaker bail on mast
  • New spin blocks on mast
  • New intensity spin turtle
  • New Intensity hiking straps
  • New mainsheet blocks
  • New 16:1 spectra vang
  • New centerboard gasket
  • New APS trapeze, dogbones, and bungees (including underbow block)
  • New orings in hull tank inspection ports (Hulls are both tight.)
  • New Tech4Designs Dolly in 2018 with new reinforced axle in 2019.
  • New padded rudder and tiller bag.
  • New Ronstan Battlestick tiller extension (2016)

Galvanized trailer with new galvanized rims and tires (2018). New spare and spare tire mount in 2018. One wheel hub has been replaced (2018), the other repacked (2018). Hubs have not been immersed in saltwater since. Dolly nests onto trailer.

Standing Rigging

  • New APS shrouds and forestay in 2018.

Running Rigging:

Every single piece of running rigging was replaced, including all new Harken hardware (blocks, cleats, with exception of jib cam cleats, which were rebuilt with Harken rebuild kits. All running rigging was replaced with class legal lengths and recommended diameters. Mainsheet has new APS bridle. Jib halyard is new with new headstay captured shackle. New main halyard. New outhaul, spin halyard, topping life, pole downhaul, Cunningham etc.


  • Complete Intensity practice suite (Main (2018), Jib (2017), Spinnaker (2016))
  • Complete class legal North suite (Main (2018), Jib, (2018), Spinnaker (2018)) Maybe 10 regattas on these sails.
  • Both sets of main and jib have always been rolled when stored. Spins have been stored in their bags.

Spare parts

  • Rudder and rudder head
  • Centerboard
  • Set of shrouds
  • Heavy weather mainsheet
  • Spinnaker pole
  • New Intensity spin turtle

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