Viper 640 #180

Airwaves Editor

Built in 2012 in England, it was the first hull from the new mold and the last to be built abroad. The Whitecap Composites guys sailed it during its first season. I bought it in the spring of 2013. We have raced very little as it turns out. We were most active with these original North sails. Maybe we raced 4 or 6 days a year. In 2015, I bought anew set of sails from North. They have not raced more than 5 or 6 times. We have not used them for day sailing. We did not sail last year or 3 years ago. During the spring of 2020, we day sailed 3 or 4 times.

A number of years ago, we were in a collision with another viper in a port/starboard situation. Repairs included a hull repair and a replacement of the keel cassette.

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