Winner 3-D Star Optimist #20440

Hillsborough, CA
United States

Year Built
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Hi there, I am selling my Winner optimist 3D star, with sail number 20440. Boat is located in San Francisco but possibility to ship to MA as part of multi boat trailer coming from California week of 10/2. I have sailed this boat for a number of years before I stopped sailing optis, and personally I have loved sailing this boat more than any other opti. It is in wonderful condition after being sailed for six years, only with several cosmetic dings and scratches, and it has a lot to offer. It has Winner’s special ‘Shark Skin’ coat on the bottom which is super smooth, and on the inside it has fantastic grip tape all over the bottom, great for roll tacks. The price is $3200, however I am willing to negotiate. Feel free to reach out if interested in buying or if you have any questions. Includes:

Winner 3D star hull:

  • Mast clamp

  • All 3 airbags

  • Praddle

  • 4 to 1 mainsheet

  • All dyneema lines- low stretch/no water absorption

  • Hiking straps

  • Bowline

  • 2 bailers

1 One Sail (no sail ties included)

Custom TEB rudder and centerboard

(with edge covers and blade bag)

Winner rotating tiller extension

Wind indicator

Collie sails top and bottom cover

2 Optimax Mark 4 spar sets (all 3),

One for race, one for practice

-1 dolly

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