Junior Sailing Camp Instructor

Orleans Yacht Club, Inc.
39 Cove Road - P.O. Box 145
Orleans, MA 02653
United States

Job Start Date
Job End Date
Manages Others
Experience Required
Housing Provided
Employment Type
Summer Only
Work Schedule
Summer Only
No Travel

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Orleans Yacht Club
39 Cove Road
Orleans Massachusetts 02653
United States

Category: Sailing Coach/Instructor
Industry: Coaching
Job Start Date: 6/17/2024
Job End Date: 8/23/2023
Application Closing Date: 4/1/2024
Experience Required: Yes
Housing Provided: Open to consideration
Employment Type: Summer Only
Work Schedule: Summer Only
Travel: No
The Orleans Yacht Club, Inc. is on Cape Cod, 39 Cove Road, Orleans, Massachusetts, 02653. The
yacht club sits on the shore of Orleans Town Cove, a beautiful location with perfect conditions for sailing
and sailing instruction. The Club operates a Junior Sailing Program serving children aged 8–18 for eight
weeks, plus one week before classes start for set-up and one week after classes end for breakdown.
The Orleans Yacht Club is looking for Junior Instructors to instruct beginners through advanced Optis,
Precisions, Capris, and 420s. This position offers an excellent opportunity to improve your sailing skills
and make a lasting impact on children of varying ages.
 This position reports directly to the Junior Sailing Head Instructor and Senior Instructors.
o Similarly, reports to the Junior Sailing Program Camp Director as needed.
o Works with 420 Race Coach as needed.
 You shall assist Senior Instructors as needed with class organization and preparation.
o You must be able to assist other Senior Instructors with other class levels as needed.
o You shall assist with daily sailing instruction, on and off-of-the-water demonstrations, and
skill practice.
o You shall assist with setting race course settings.
o You shall assist with on-board sailing & interaction with Beginner students.
o You shall fold/unfold, wash and hang sails, sweep, set up/put away beginner class
o Put loose equipment in its place, and put up and take down the flag.
o You shall bring out and put away boat cushions & race marks and bail motorboats.
o You shall assist with teaching knot tying, boat rigging, and race course settings.
o In the absence of a Fuel Manager, you shall check and fill power boat gas tanks, etc.
o You shall wash and help maintain sail and power boats.
 To work within OYC, US Sailing, and MA recreational camp standards & safety requirements.
 To learn and integrate US Sailing rules & regulations.
 You shall communicate respectfully and effectively with JSP & OYC staff, students and parents,
and OYC members (as needed).


Work schedule and hours depend on the assigned class level you will teach. Your pay will be hourly
according to the time frame mentioned above from late June to late August, requiring mandatory on-site
participation during the program’s operation. Depending on circumstances and needs, the schedule
includes some evening hours.
Compensation shall be based on experience and hours worked. A Performance-Based Bonus is
The following MUST requirements are mandatory for employment as a Junior Assistant Sailing Instructor
and conform to the MA DPH 105 CMR 430.000 Minimum Standards for Recreational Camps for
1. Must have transportation to and from the Club.
2. Must be 15 years old prior to the start of the program.
a. Must have a work permit on file if 17 or younger
3. Must have at least three years of sailing and racing experience in small boats (such as prams,
dinghies, multihulls, or day sailing keelboats) either at the OYC or elsewhere.
4. NEW HIRES (required).
a. Prior work or volunteer history for three (3) Years (if available).
b. Three positive personal references are required.
c. Must have sailed as an Advanced Level JSP student for at least one season.

Orleans Yacht Club, Inc.
39 Cove Road
Orleans, Massachusetts 02653
United States
Phone: (508) 255-9091
Email: Office@orleansyachtclub.org
A detailed Description and Qualification Requirement Sheet are available upon request.
Denise Witherell
39 Cove Road - P.O. Box 145
Orleans MA 02653
United States

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