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Green Bay Sail & Paddle, Inc.
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United States

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Yes Background Check
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Summer Only
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Summer Only
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Job Description


Green Bay Sail and Paddle, Inc. (“GBSP”) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that creates opportunities for all area youth and families, regardless of means or ability, to safely enjoy sail and paddle sports on the waters of the bay.



Junior Sailing Instructors, under the supervision of the Lead Sailing Instructor assist with planning and implementing instruction and activities for GBSP classes. Junior Instructors assist Instructors and the Lead Sailing Instructor with lesson planning, classes, activities, set up and clean up. Junior Instructors report directly to the Instructor and/or Lead Sailing Instructor, and are under the jurisdiction of the GBSP Board of Directors. Each Junior Instructor, under the supervision of the Lead Sailing Instructor, is responsible each week for assisting with instruction of small, skills-based groups of up to 32 participants. Junior Instructors will be familiar with daily plans and activities organized by Sailing Instructors. Other responsibilities include, but shall not be limited to, assisting with: set up of program equipment, including GBSP owned sailboats and safety boats; assisting with program set-up at the beginning of the season and assisting with clean-up at the end of season; and assisting instructors to ensure that all GBSP classes meet the highest health and safety standards.


This position is a summer position typically from June 1 - August 31.  Scheduled start and end dates may change from time to time based on availability and class requests.


Responsible to: Sailing Instructor and/or Lead Sailing Instructor



Be a positive role model for the students, guests, instructors, and volunteers. Encourage the highest levels of sportsmanship and behavior. Generate enthusiasm and commitment to learning, while adhering to GBSP’s program goals and objectives, as established by the Executive Director. Demonstrate a high degree of maturity and sense of responsibility for the program.


WORK SCHEDULE: On a daily basis, scheduled throughout the summer season. The week of July 4th and/or the 4th of July weekend shall be mandatory work hours. Hours may range from 8am to 9pm and will include weekend rotations. Time will be flexed around classes scheduled. Junior Sailing Instructors shall help implement programs, assist staff and participants as necessary.




  1. Assist in Teaching Sailing Program classes in accordance with GBSP Sailing Program Curriculum, as directed by the Sailing Instructor and/or Lead Sailing Instructor. Classes may include (and are not limited to): basic sailing, advanced sailing, knot tying, basic boat maintenance, sportsmanship, and rigging/de-rigging boats.
  2. Participate and assist in on-the-water practice sessions and practice safe use of sailboats and safety boats according to GBSP policies.
  3. Monitor students in all shore and on-the-water aspects of their conduct during classes to ensure the quality and safety of operations. This includes assisting students with the preparation and launching of their sailboat, assist reviewing and ensuring that rigging is done correctly, and that the sails & boats are in safe, working condition. Assist and ensure proper fitting PFD’s are used and in good working condition.
  4. Assist with providing proper care, report incidents/accidents to Sailing Instructor or Lead Sailing Instructor.
  5. Report all incidents, repairs needed, and supplies needed to Sailing Instructor or Lead Sailing Instructor.
  6. Assist Sailing Instructor and Lead Sailing Instructor in organizing and attending events as necessary and help with setup and cleanup as needed.
  7. Other duties as assigned by the Sailing Instructor and/or Lead Sailing Instructor.

Communication and parent contact

  1. Communicate effectively with participants, parents, and staff alike, regarding program activities, and events.
  2. Maintain professional appearance and demeanor at all times
  3. Meet weekly with the Lead Sailing Instructor to problem-solve and plan

 Safety (with the assistance of the Sailing Instructor and Lead Sailing Instructor)

  1. Report incidents/accidents, both minor and serious to Sailing Instructor or Lead Sailing Instructor.
  2. Watch weather and assess safety conditions
  3. Inform Lead Sailing Instructor and/or Safety Director of any repairs or maintenance that require professional attention. Red tag items and remove them from use.
  4. Assist with daily activities to ensure highest safety standards are followed at all times.

Curriculum and Instruction

  1. Follow the course curriculum as designed. Develop daily lesson plans as needed.
  2. Model best practices lesson preparation and presentation
  3. Coach and assist instructors in effective group management strategies
  4. Assist other instructors, as needed, in dealing with discipline issues
  5. Assist other instructors in developing activities when conditions do not permit on-the-water lessons
  6. Assist Lead Sailing Instructor in observing and documenting Instructor’s lessons and student interactions as needed
  7. Refer to GBSP manuals for curriculum guidance

Equipment and Maintenance

  1. Ensure that safety boats are prepared for the day (including gas, radios, etc.) and have the necessary safety equipment before going out on the water. Turn in all fuel and other receipts as directed. At the end of each day, ensure that all boats, both safety and sail, are properly secured and put away. This includes removing extraneous equipment (including trash) and returning radios to charging stations.
  2. Report any problems with the condition of any boat (safety or sail) to the Executive Director and log them in the Maintenance Log. Assist in making minor repairs as needed (replacing frayed lines, broken shackles or cleats, and ring dings, etc.). Repairs or maintenance of a more serious nature (hull damage, ripped sails, etc.) must be red tagged and removed from use immediately. Repairs will be coordinated by the Executive Director or Lead Sailing Instructor.
  3. Enforce all GBSP policies and rules, state and local boating safety laws, and environmental regulations, as applicable. Ensure proper usage and clean-up of the facility, equipment, and docks.

Job Requirements
To perform this job successfully, and individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Any accommodations made will only be done so as to not compromise the safety of other staff and participants.

1. Minimum of 14 years of age or older.
2. Are not level 1 certified but are in the process of certification or interested in becoming instructor.
3. Have current First Aid, CPR and AED certification
4. Complete the Wisconsin DNR Boater Safety Course.
5. Complete US Sailing SafeSport training.
6. Complete US Sailing Teaching and Coaching Fundamentals training.
7. Some sailing experience helpful but not necessary.
8. Be capable of general boat and shore duties.
9. Must attend GBSP Orientation and Training scheduled prior to the start of season
10. Ability to work efficiently, independently and reliably
11. Exhibit a mature, professional demeanor at all times
12. Ability to manage multiple challenges at the same time
13. Pass a background check (applicants 18 years of age and older)
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101 Bay Beach Rd
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United States
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