Junior Sailing Program Director

Park City Sailing Association
P.O. Box 981236
Park City, UT 84098
United States

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Junior Sailing Director

Park City Sailing’s Junior Sailing Program consists of learn-to-sail, intermediate, and advanced sailing camp for ages 7 – 17. PCSA Junior Sailing Program Head Instructor works in conjunction with Executive Director and in a leadership role over the Junior Sailing Program Instructor Staff Team. The role also aims to support other programs within the organization.

· Fulfill the requirements of the “instructor” job description - https://parkcitysailing.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0jwc9/

· Be certified as a US SAILING Instructor (min. Level I Small Boat Sailing Instructor), or have comparable certification. Maintain current CPR and First Aid certifications.

· Oversee and be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Jr. Sailing Program, including management of the Instructors, and Apprentice Instructors. The Head Instructor should be the first to arrive, and the last to leave each day.

· Arrive and be ready to begin work and lead the day, dressed in uniform and otherwise appropriate attire.

· Making sure all instructors, and students follow all proper protocol while facilitating sailing activities.

· Be an appropriate role model for instructors. Uphold the highest level of professionalism.

· Head Instructor is responsible for organizing the daily activities at the Jordanelle within the scope of their program.

· Coordinate the instructor schedules, class arrangements, and boat assignments.

· Own and manage (in conjunction w/ ED) program roster, class registration, including making sure all relevant forms and paperwork are present and complete. Follow up as necessary with parents and guardians.

· Welcome students and parents/guardians and give a brief overview of the program at the start of each week of camp.

· Maintain communication with parents/guardians regarding student behavior and learning experiences.

· Coordinate the “graduation ceremony” at the conclusion of each week-long camp session. Prepare student report cards and insure that Instructors have completed all paperwork (incident reports and report cards).

· Serve as a liaison with the Executive Director: Facilitate communication between the instructors, students and staff, regarding policies and procedures, enforcement of rules and safety issues, and other pertinent information or issues.

· To provide course curriculum to instructors and make sure all instructors follow the course curriculum as designed, while offering support, guidance, and feedback about their performance as teachers and skippers.

· Work with the instructors on integrating the curriculum into their class outlines, and helping them fulfil PCSA’s program objectives: safety, fun, and learning.

· Assist as necessary in helping Instructors fulfill their job requirements, through providing critical input and feedback on teaching and class management techniques, both on and off the water.

· Consistently update the maintenance log, injury reports, supply and purchase orders (in conjunction with Exec. Director).

· Head Instructor is responsible for making sure their team is managing their own boats at the dock, making sure damage does not occur to their own or any other boat as a result of their program’s boats. This includes the responsibility of making sure there is room for other boats to land at the dock.

· Head Instructor must be experienced with driving powerboats and must ensure that all instructors understand how to safely operate powerboats, and that they practice proper protocol with powerboat procedures.

· Head Instructor is responsible for insuring that the safety boat(s) that they will be using for class has the necessary fuel, and required safety and teaching equipment, before going out on the water. They are also responsible for making sure their instructors do the same.

· Head Instructor must ensure that at the end of the day, instructors secure and put away boats properly, both safety and sail, and that any extraneous equipment or materials (including trash) have been removed.

· Be responsible for reporting accidents, near misses, and damage to equipment/facilities to the Operations Team and for making sure the appropriate notes are entered into the Maintenance Log

· Take care of minor repairs as needed (i.e. replacing frayed lines, broken shackles or cleats and ring dings, etc.). Repairs or maintenance of a more serious nature (i.e. hull damage, ripped sails, etc.) will be handled by the Operations Team.

· Assisting in and sometimes managing fleet and facility projects and maintenance like season cap launch and haul-out, boat repair, facilities maintenance, etc.

· Assisting in and sometimes managing events like Sail-A-Palooza, open-sail BBQs, open-sail events, weekend race events.

· Assisting in and sometimes managing waterfront affairs like incident response/management, member support, launch service, customer service, and public relations support.

· Assisting in and sometimes managing Outreach events, external camps, and adult lessons.

· Assisting in and often managing travel logistics and away regattas with Junior Race Team.

Job Requirements
Certified Instructor, equipped to manage a junior sailing program, staff team, and fleet of boats.
Scott VerMerris
P.O. Box 981236
Park City UT 84098
United States
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