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Bitter End Yacht Club earned its name thanks to its remote, secluded—and therefore idyllic—location. As the final island outpost before the Caribbean Sea meets the open Atlantic, Bitter End covers 64 acres and overlooks the jewel-toned North Sound and is accessible only by water.

Founded in 1969 and established as a family retreat in 1973, Bitter End Yacht Club is world-renowned for its sense of adventure, love of the water, appreciation for nature and dedication to friends and family.

Hailed by the New York TImes as a “rollicking nautical village”, Bitter End is known as a water and island enthusiast’s paradise due to its protected harbor and steady trade winds. It is home to world-famous regattas, a U.S. accredited sailing school, a first-class marina and the world’s largest complimentary on-site fleet. It is also a highly sought-after destination for windsurfing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, snorkeling and more.

On September 6, 2017, Irma, the most powerful hurricane to ever strike the eastern Caribbean passed directly over Bitter End. Bitter End's 64 acres and 100 structures were completely destroyed in a matter of hours. Many wondered if Bitter End would be reborn, but the owners, the Hokin family, remained steadfast in Bringing Back Bitter End to its former glory...and then some.

Bitter End's epic comeback is slated for winter of 2021. The first phase of development includes an all new world-class marina complex, the Clubhouse restaurant and beach bar, a gourmet provisions market and retail shop and of course Bitter End's world-renowned watersports and activities programs. Phase 1 will also will also introduce a select number of unique seaside bungalows, unlike any other accommodations in the BVI.

The marina’s centerpiece will be an open-air, two-story marina building with outdoor seating and a lounge with fabulous views of the comings and goings in North Sound. This gathering spot will be a one-of-a-kind venue where our marina guests and yacht club members can gather for rum punches, sunsets and celebrations of all stripes. As those who have spent time at sea well know, thoughtful provisioning is key to a happy crew and successful voyage. As part of Bitter End 2.0, we’re excited to introduce our new and improved general store, the Bitter End Market. We’ll feature garden-grown produce, fresh caught local seafood, and prepared dishes, punctuated by gourmet treats and an array of wines, spirits and other beverages. Bitter End 2.0 will also see the return of the Reeftique boutique featuring island-style fashion alongside Bitter End’s own line of seaworthy goods from Bitter End Provisions.

And Bitter End would not be Bitter End without our beautiful beaches and our robust watersports program. Kayaking, paddle boarding, diving, snorkeling, beach combing, cruising and of course sailing will remain at the heart and soul of Bitter End. And, with over a mile of shoreline, Bitter End’s guests will be able to relax and unwind looking over the North Sound on some of the most beautiful beaches on the globe.

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