Melges IC37 Class Coach

Melges IC37 Class
Newport, RI
United States

Housing Provided
Employment Type
Part Time
Some Travel

Job Description
The Melges IC37 Class Coach is a part-time position providing event coaching to teams of both owned and chartered boats. Areas of focus will primarily be sail trim, speed, boat handling, and weight placement with the objective of bringing teams up to speed more quickly. As Class Coach, a goal is to facilitate the sharing of information between boats and crews. Compensation is per diem, plus expenses.

Events take place primarily during the summer and fall in Newport, RI and over the late fall and winter in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Click here for the full schedule.

Specific duties include:

  • Pre-event check-in with teams to solicit questions and regatta objectives.
  • Develop a schedule for practice days, organize practice races and set marks.
  • Be at the docks prior to racing and practice to cover any plans for the day and answer questions.
  • Make observations, including photos and video for the practice day and each race day.
  • Provide feedback/suggestions to boats between races. 
  • Be prepared for first arrivals to the racecourse area to begin coaching. Communicate what is good, what can be improved prior to the race for each team, to the extent practicable. 
  • Build confidence in each team’s set up and understanding. 
  • Lead post-sailing debriefs (ZOOM or in person), including photos/video following practice and race days, excluding the final race day. These should be crisp and limited in duration.
  • Short post-event email follow-up with each team to share major observations.
  • Host a select number of off-season public webinars.
  • Maintain a library of photos and video for future use by the class.
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