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Chicago Yacht Club
Chicago Yacht Club 400 East Monroe st
Chicago, IL 60603
United States

Sailing Management
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The Chicago Yacht Club is looking for an independent, roll-up your sleeves On the Water Director  who will manage all aspects of our on the water operations, including fleets, regatta management, business side, oversight of Boat Tech, Sailing School Director  and Regatta manager and any we own that floats. Founded in 1875, Chicago Yacht Club is one of the oldest and most respected yacht clubs in the America. Chicago Yacht Club is ranked in the top 5 list of U.S. yacht clubs by Platinum Clubs of America.

What You’ll Do:

Boats and Equipment – 20%

·         Oversee Bosun and all his/her functions

·         Oversee and assist when necessary with all maintenance requirements on RC powerboats; oversee and help perform all maintenance requirements on Sailing School RIBs

·         Ensure all boats are ready for race day: clean, fully operational and equipped with proper equipment for that specific event

·         Consult race documents to make sure the proper equipment is supplied; step in when race documents call for equipment that we do not have or does not make sense to the event

·         Research and recommend new boat purchases

·         Research and purchase new RC equipment (marks, radios, compasses, etc)

·         Perform all mooring and slip communication with Westrec

·         Shared responsibility for SS and Belmont barge facility management


Race Committee – 35%

·         Oversee Regatta Manager and all his/her functions (emails, RC records, registrations, etc.)

·         Work with Race Coordinator to assign weekly volunteer positions

·         Edit and submit annual RC budget

·         Run all CPR/AED/First Aid and US Powerboat training for RC members

·         Assist with the document creation/editing/publication for all CYC races

·         Create event budgets and order trophies or take aways when necessary

·         Update all RC documents and forms

·         Perform whatever RC positions are needed for any event – PRO/APRO/Signal Boat/Markset

·         Score events when no volunteer scorer available

·         Captain Carrier or any other boat when needed

·         Run docking operations on Mac Island

·         Assist with other training programs through the year (RC Refresher, Race Management Courses, Crew U)

·         Ensure that the proper USCG permits are filed for all events

·         Communicate with USCG and CPD Marine Unit to keep them up to date on our activities


Keelboat Program and Junior Programs and Sailing School – 25%

·         Oversee Sailing Director, Keelboat Director

·         Work with both directors to ensure that we have the proper equipment and rotation program

·         Consult with any scheduling/staffing/operations questions they may have

·         Step in when needed to resolve any issues


General – 20%

·         Oversee all crane maintenance and repairs

·         Submit requests for Capital expense

·         Monitor Condition of Belmont barge

·         Provide CPR, Powerboat training, run and organize Safety at Sea and other marine education offerings to the general club membership

·         Write regular column in the Blinker and Dock Lines

·         Run or organize annual US Sailing Level One, Powerboat Instructor and Keelboat Instructor Courses

·         All website updates for regatta and Race Committee pages

·         Attend World Sailing, US Sailing and World Yachting Forum with the intention of attracting major regatta’s (North American, Worlds, National Championships) as approved

And have fun!  
Job Requirements
• Undergraduate degree in business, sports management, or other appropriate area of study
• Extensive experience in the sport of sailing including instruction and race management
• Extensive experience handling all types of water vessels to include sail and power
• Understanding of maintenance routines required for all club owned vessels
• Computer literate in data base management, word processing, and spreadsheets
• Excellent communication skills
• Outgoing personality, diplomatic, flexible, trustworthy, and mission driven
• US Sailing Level 2 coaching
• Safety at Sea Certification
• Regional Race Officer Preferred
Dwight Jenson
Chicago Yacht Club 400 East Monroe st
Chicago IL 60603
United States
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