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Carolina Yacht Club
401 S Lumina Ave
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
United States

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The Dockmaster is responsible for the daily operations of the club docks, ramps and boat parking area with direct supervision from the WaterfrontDirector. Dockmasters will be under the supervision of the Head Race Coachwhen the Waterfront Director is off property or off duty.

Dockmasters are an important component of a smooth running soundside operation. They should also be the friendly face members are greeted by when they’re launching or docking motor boats and sailboats. Dockmasters should keep a calm, positive attitude at all times, help be a role model to our Jr. Sailors and be professional and courteous to our members and their guests.

Dockmaster duties include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Responsible for clocking in and out for work so accurate hours and pay can be calculated for work time.
2. Required to attend CYC safety and emergency clinic at the beginning of the season as scheduled by the Waterfront Director and Head RaceCoach.
3. Dockmasters should keep a positive calm attitude and serve as a friendly face to members and their guests in the performance of their duties.
4. Assist the Waterfront Director in ensuring that all docks are well-maintained and safe. Maintenance and safety issues should be reported immediately to the Waterfront Director or Head Race Coach when the Waterfront Director is off duty or off property.
5. Supervise the renting of club sailboats and ensure members properly check out and follow rules set for CYC sailboat rentals. Dockmasters should keep a close watch over CYC owned sailboats when they are on the water to ensure sailors observe the rules and stay within the appropriate areas.
6. Assist sailors in rented or member owned sailboats when they appear to be in need of assistance.
7. Assist Sailing Instructors gather equipment, set marks for their classes and assist in classes when needed and cleared with the WaterfrontDirector.
8. Ensure the cleanliness of the soundside area by keeping trashcans emptied and cleaned, dock lines neat and orderly and trash picked up from the soundside lot and beaches.
9. Ensure all club sailboats and motor boats are secured properly to their tie downs or cleated properly on the docks.
10. Pressure washing ramp areas when directed by the Waterfront Director.
11. Sailboat repair to Laser, Sunfish, Opti and 420’s as directed by the Waterfront Director or in situations where Sailing Instructors need help rigging a boat so a class can start/resume or assistance to a Jr. Sailor so they can get back on the water for instruction.
12. Assist sailors in launching their sailboats when needed. This includes rolling their dolly down the ramp and putting their dolly in an area where it can be retrieved upon return.
13. Assist the Waterfront Director and Head Race Coach keep a watch on weather systems that might impact the safety of sailing events or sailing classes and notify them of such concerns over VHF radio.
14. Responsible for the safe mooring of vessels on CYCNC docks.
15. Assist the Waterfront Director in identifying vessels left on CYCNC docks. Vessels left for more than 24 hours should be noted to the Waterfront Director.
16. Dockmasters should ensure all docks are clear of debris and tripping hazards.
17. Monitor the Club radio VHF channel 78 for assistance needed or directives from the Club Office, Waterfront Director or Head Race Coach.
18. Ensure sailboats are kept in their designated parking spots.
19. Other duties as requested by the General Manager, Assistant Manager, Waterfront Director or Head Race Coach.
Katrina Williams
401 S Lumina Ave
Wrightsville Beach NC 28480
United States
Carolina Yacht Club Katrina Williams

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