Waterfront Operations Manager

Beverly Yacht Club
99 Water St.
Marion, MA 02738
United States

Sailing Management
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Manages Others
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Employment Type
Full Time
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Job Description

Position:         Waterfront Operations Manager

Reports to:     General Manager

Full Time / Salary Exempt

Essential Job Function:

The Waterfront Operations Manager is responsible for all aspects of the BYC waterfront, including racing, fleet maintenance, support boat maintenance, launch operations and regatta organization. The Waterfront Operations Manager will work closely with and support the objectives of the General Manager and volunteer leadership. The Waterfront Operations Manager works closely with BYC leadership and General Manager to develop the overall sailing and race program strategy, new sailing and racing offerings for the members and other constituencies determined by the club leadership.

This is a highly visible, Full Time salaried position with peak workload in the summer months, and down time during the spring/fall months and flexible schedule in the winter. The Waterfront Operations Manager will spend the majority of his/her time during the sailing season overseeing the Waterfront Operations to include the Club Race program, Club Cruise program and asset maintenance programs. During the off-season, the Waterfront Operations Manager will support the various committee chairs and their committees (Junior, Racing, Cruising) with program planning, scheduling, marketing and communications, maintenance programming including capital replacement. Broadly, the Waterfront Operations Manager will provide an environment through leadership that is conducive to being active on the water, a platform for learning, and serve as an informational contact for BYC department managers and other community organizations.

 Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Oversee annual commissioning and decommissioning of all boats including Commodores, launches, skiffs and inflatables.
  2. Obtain/maintain required registrations and certifications.
  3. Oversee commissioning and decommissioning of all club moorings.
  4. Is familiar with Sippican Harbor and mooring locations.
  5. Inspect, maintain and manage the club’s floats, docks, dockway and gazebo. 
  6. Oversee and effect routine in-season maintenance of all waterfront assets. 
  7. Liaise with Junior Program and Race Committee personnel to ensure proper operation/maintenance of assets utilized by those programs.
  8. Hire launch operators. Schedule and supervise launch operators. Assist operators in obtaining/maintaining required licenses. 
  9. Conduct in boat training on handling and routine maintenance.
  10. Conduct training on waterfront flag etiquette, guest relations, cash box management, record keeping and club waterfront policies and procedures.
  11. Assist the Main Office in maintaining records of operator certifications/licenses.
  12. Provide input and assist General Manager with performance evaluations of waterfront personnel.
  13. Liaise with local vendors/yards as required to purchase supplies and services needed for waterfront operations.
  14. Assist in the general commissioning/decommissioning and maintenance of club facilities as required.
  15. In concert with General Manager, conduct annual review of Waterfront Hurricane Preparedness Plan. Make recommendations as needed. Implement as required.
  16. Prepare preventative maintenance plan and maintain records of all club owned waterfront assesses.
  17. Organize and execute special waterfront programs like; Adult learn to sail, charter boat rentals, etc.
  18. Assist with club sponsored special events such as Marion-Bermuda race and club social activities.
  19. Responsible for the operation of Commodores, a 34 feet long, 10 foot beam race committee boat for BYC races and regattas, (must be experienced with maneuvering, docking. and anchoring power boats).
  20. Able to take shifts on Launch when needed. Fill in when busy.
  21. Have a good understanding of sailboat racing and rules of racing
  22. Familiarity with use of GPS and the ability to read and interpret weather radar
  23. Responsible for the training of RC boat drivers, support boat drivers and Launch Drivers.
  24. Operate and perform regular maintenance/upkeep on committee boat.
  25. Create opening and closing routines for waterfront activities (launch service, RC boat in service, support boat activity, etc.).
  26. In concert with Jr. Program Director and Launch Drivers, conduct routine inspections of all waterfront assets.
  27. Assist race officer in club series races as needed, enter race scores into scoring program online.
  28. Assist RC, GM in annual Calendar organization.
  29. Assist GM in annual budget preparation for Waterfront.
  30. Comfortable with use of computers
  31. Good social skills to interact with members, racers and staff
  32. Perform other duties as needed.

Robert Shorter
99 Water St.
Marion MA 02738
United States

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